About Us

SCI4US started out in January 2018, with us going to schools and producing interactive assemblies, to try and encourage children to see Science in a new light and become more aware of it.

According to a report from CFE Research for Wellcome, only 1 hour 24 minutes is spent a week teaching children science in primary schools, clearly highlighting the fact that science isn’t a priority. This lack of prioritisation from such a young age gave us more of an insight as to why children are quick to dismiss taking Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) related subjects further in their educational journey.

Research proved our belief as ASPIRES had reported in December 2013, that only 42% of Year 9 students were interested in studying more Science in future and that although a number of young people aged 10 – 14 held high aspirations for professional, managerial and technical careers, only approximately 15% of these young people aspired to become a scientist.

Statistics such as these prompted conversations with educators and parents, stressing the fact that children are natural scientists and just need a place in which they can release their natural inquisitiveness.

Our desire and passion for young children to develop their potential is genuine, which is what prompted us to open SCI4US in December 2018.