About Us

Creativity, Communication, Passion and Honesty

Sci4Us is an award-winning children’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) Club, providing children of all backgrounds between the ages of 6 to 16 with the inspiration and resources to become engaged in STEM.

'To create, inspire and spread the love and appreciation of STEM from a young age'



The Sci4Us team are constantly thinking of creative and innovative ways to keep children entertained and enthusiastic about STEM.


We look to highlight that STEM truly is for everyone regardless of gender or background, by showcasing the wonderful and exciting aspects of STEM to our future generation.


We understand the necessity of STEM and so we look to promote as much as we can. We collaborate with schools, host drop-in sessions and even have online resources to try and educate as many young children as possible.

Our Vision

We understand that children, due to their inquisitve and adventurous nature, are natural scientists and all they require is an environment which enables them to release their innate gift. This is why we aim to create a fun, vibrant and stimulating atmosphere which encourages them to be engaged.

Our leading mission is to inspire and guide the future generation into STEM by maximising their interest in these subjects, particularly targeting young children.

Our Inspiration

According to a report from CFE Research for Wellcome, on average, only 1 hour 24 minutes a week is spent teaching children science in primary schools, which is clearly an insufficient amount of time to inspire children into following educational careers in STEM.

In addition, ASPIRES had reported in December 2013 that only 42% of Year 9 students were interested in studying more Science in future. Although a number of young people aged 10 – 14 held high aspirations for professional, managerial and technical careers, only approximately 15% of these young people aspired to become a scientist.

Statistics such as these made us realise that we had to make a change and help develop young children’s potential.