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Serious about Stem Subjects (S.A.S.S) is a unique STEM Club that caters to KS3 and KS4 students preparing to take their Science GCSEs.

At S.A.S.S we ensure that students learn and grasp topics by undergoing experiments to help them visualise, problem solving sessions to allow them to start thinking outside the box and end of unit tests and past papers to give them examination practice. Through workshops, mentoring and guest speakers, students at S.A.S.S also have the opportunity to explore the different career paths available to those who study any STEM subject.

With experience in teaching both AQA and Edexcel Science GCSE’s, we can promise that our lessons are suitable to all students as we are able to adapt to the different exam board specifications. We also focus on areas that children may be struggling with in greater detail as at S.A.S.S we make it our main priority for every student to grow and develop their understanding. For us to keep this promise, we keep our classes small and personal with a maximum of 8 students per class.

We know that attaining top GCSE results are very helpful as they tend to direct our next steps in life, however due to our updated view on tutoring, we believe students will realise their potential in STEM related subjects; causing them to remain interested and engaged in STEM even after they have finished studying for their exams.