Role Description:

This role will involve delivering all our Experiment boxes to our registered children. This will involve both dropping off the experiment boxes at the local children’s houses or at the Post Office for children who live further away from us.

As Science and STEM subject can sometimes be negatively perceived we are trying to change this notion, by helping to create, inspire and spread the love and appreciation of STEM from a young age which involves us safely delivering these Experiment boxes to the children on time.

In this role you will be:

  • Driving the Experiment boxes to each of their locations (local only)
  • Driving the Experiment boxes to the Post Office and ensuring they reach their location before the children’s session time

Requirements for this role:

  • Full driving licence
  • Have a vehicle to use

Time commitment (up to 3 hours per week)

  • Driving the material to the children
  • Taking the material to the Post Office to post to the children