Private Tutoring

As well as our Saturday STEM Club, Sci4Us offers one-to-one tutoring for children aged between 6 – 11, who would like the extra push or require some brushing up in some areas of the Science curriculum.


However, we do advise that children who do sign up for private tuition also do attend our Saturday STEM sessions, as these sessions go hand in hand. The Saturday STEM session is the chance for children to experience both group work and a more hands on practical session.


If you sign up your child for private tutoring, you will only have the option of booking your child for the term as we believe it is more beneficial for your child to be able to complete at least a full term’s worth of learning with ourselves.


Each session will be a maximum of 1.5 hours and will cost £20.


We only take advance payments.


For more information and to book your child’s space, please click on the Book now button below.


Please note that no payment will be made on the Registration Form. Once we receive your Registration Form, we will contact you directly to discuss payment details.

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